Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Austin, TX

Acceptance and commitment therapy helps clients to understand and manage negative thoughts and feelings. It is built upon the belief that your language contributes to our perceptions of an event or feelings, and that changing how you cope can help you to move through feelings by being in the present. It is sometimes referred to simply as ACT.

Acceptance and commitment therapy has helped many individuals struggling with substance use disorder achieve sobriety. To learn more about ACT and how it is incorporated into a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment, call (512) 566-3050 or email to speak with one of our team members about your treatment options.

History of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy was introduced in the 1980s based on Relational Frame Theory. It centers around six core principles that include cognitive de-fusion, acceptance, mindfulness, self understanding, personal values, and committed action. Although it was used in other types of therapy, using ACT for substance use disorder started in the 2000s when Steven C. Hayes tested how ACT could help reduce the shame and other painful feelings associated with substance use.

Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy works well with 12-step approaches to drug and alcohol treatment, especially with the core ideology to accept what things aren’t in your personal control. It is a more action-based therapy where clients can feel more in control of how they perceive life situations. This can be helpful as a coping strategy throughout the recovery process, as well as for conditions such as chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder.

What to Expect from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

In drug and alcohol treatment, acceptance and commitment therapy often takes place after or in conjunction with behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. A therapist trained in ACT will work with you to learn the difference between thoughts and behaviors through discussion and exercises. This might include singing, role playing, and humor.

Why Choose New Hope Ranch for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

New Hope Ranch employs therapists specially trained in acceptance and commitment therapy. Our staff specialize in drug and alcohol treatment so they understand how to best use ACT with clients undergoing residential treatment. Our holistic approach means that ACT is just one of the therapies we rely on, including yoga therapy, qi gong, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Acceptance and commitment therapy can be an important tool in a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program. Unfortunately, not all residential programs include ACT, even though it is evidence-based and effective. We’re proud to offer this therapy at New Hope Ranch. For more information about our program, call (512) 566-3050 to discuss our approach to holistic drug and alcohol treatment

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