Art Therapy for Rehab

Art Therapy in Austin, TX

Art therapy for drug and alcohol treatment can come in many forms, including painting, drawing, and dancing. It helps clients to learn how to communicate in a nonverbal way and can help to convey difficult to express emotions. In some ways, art therapy can help you to explore emotions in a new way.

Finding creative ways for expression can be a highly effective part of therapy for those in drug and alcohol treatment. Combined with yoga, qi gong, DBT therapy, and massage therapy, it is how the New Hope Ranch is able to provide a holistic program to those struggling with addiction. To learn more about our art therapy program, call us at (512) 566-3050 or email to request more information.

How Art Therapy Works

There are different types of art therapy that you might experience over the course of drug and alcohol treatment. Gestalt methods encourage you to work out your current experiences as a way to start a deeper conversation about how you are feeling. With active imagination, you use artwork as a way to explore other associations and open up dialogue. With a third hand approach, your therapist will help you with creating the art piece, including by providing you with direction.

History of Art Therapy

Although there are some arguments that art therapy started long before it was understood to be a practice, contemporary art therapy was developed in the 1940s in England by Adrian Hill. Very shortly after, art therapy was recognized independently in the United States. Art therapy started to become very popular in the 1950s and 1960s because of its ability to promote growth in kids and adults over the course of therapy. It is used widely to treat substance use disorder, grief, behavioral disorders, and for PTSD in residential facilities, outpatient programs, school counseling offices, and prisons.

Why Choose New Hope Ranch for Art Therapy

New Hope Ranch is known nationally for its effective, holistic treatment program that incorporates evidence-based treatment protocols with activities that address the spiritual, creative, emotional, and physical aspects of healthy living. Our art therapy program is run by staff members who have experience leading art therapy for drug and alcohol treatment programs. This way, you’ll know that you have the most effective art therapy sessions that strongly benefit you.

Whether or not you have an interest in creating art on your own, participating in art therapy as part of a drug and alcohol treatment program can help you express yourself and develop new coping strategies. It is one of the ways that the team at New Hope Ranch helps clients recover. Call (512) 566-3050 or email for more information about our art therapy program.

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