Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Austin, TX

Massage therapy can be a helpful treatment option for individuals in alcohol and drug treatment facilities. Massage can help with the detox process, as it can reduce muscle tension from detox and help to remove toxins from the body. It is one of the holistic treatment options that can provide many benefits for those in recovery.

Massage therapy can help you relax, detox toxins from your body, ease sleep problems, and cope with the recovery process. It is an important part of the recovery process for many successful clients and shouldn’t be overlooked. For more information about how massage therapy can help you during drug and alcohol treatment, call our team at New Hope Ranch at (512) 566-3050 or email

History of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been around since the times of Ancient China and Egypt. Massage therapy has been popular for more than 5,000 years, though the practice evolved considerably since then. However, early practitioners already recognized that massage therapy could provide medical benefits for people. Books about traditional Chinese medicine pointed to massage therapy as a natural healing tool.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers many benefits for those undergoing the recovery process from substance use disorder. It can help promote relaxation and sleep, as well as removing metabolic waste through therapeutic massage. If you ever had a professional massage in the past, you may remember the massage therapist recommending that you drink more water in the days following the massage to flush out the toxins. This medication-free process can be an effective detox tool for clients of all ages. In addition, massage therapy increases serotonin and dopamine, which are hormones that can help you feel better.

Why Choose New Hope Ranch for Massage Therapy

It is important that licensed massage therapy professionals conduct massage therapy sessions for the best results. Our team of massage therapists at New Hope Ranch are licensed and have direct experience in massage therapy for drug and alcohol treatment centers. This means that they are experts in providing the best results for those in treatment, whether reducing soreness associated with detox or providing clients with another coping strategy they can use in the future to manage stressors.

Massage therapy is just one of the tools we use to help clients in our drug and alcohol treatment program. Our highly effective and holistic program is based on evidence-based treatment options. Research and anecdotal experience highlights just how important massage therapy can be in drug and alcohol treatment. If you’d like more information about our approach to treatment at New Hope Ranch, call us at (512) 566-3050 or email

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