Yoga for Rehab

Yoga Therapy in Austin, TX

Different types of yoga can help the recovery process for adults and adolescents struggling with substance use disorder. Yoga generally involves using physical postures and breathing to help practitioners improve their level of self-awareness and focus. More drug and alcohol treatment programs in the United States have begun to implement yoga therapy because of how complementary it is to the goals of treatment, especially within a holistic program.

Yoga has gained popularity in the United States for a good reason. It helps many people cope with stress and improve their health. We have used yoga in our drug and alcohol treatment program at the New Hope Ranch as one of the key components of treatment. To learn more about our yoga therapy program, call (512) 566-3050 or email to speak with one of our team member about your treatment options.

Benefits of Yoga in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Yoga can be extremely beneficial for those undergoing treatment for substance use disorder. It can help to reduce stress and fatigue, while increasing energy levels and overall health. Participants often report feeling more self confident and more self-aware. It also happens to provide ample exercise opportunities during the course of treatment. Some people find that yoga provides some level of pain relief, which can be important for those who relied on opiods or prescription medications to manage chronic pain.

What to Expect from Yoga in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Within a drug and alcohol treatment setting, yoga is typically offered as a group class that you can choose to participate in. You won’t have to bring a yoga mat or any special materials with you, as it will likely be provided. You’ll need to wear comfortable clothing. You’ll take off your shoes when you get to the class. The yoga instructor will lead you through a series of poses and breathing/meditation exercises that they’ll demonstrate for you.

Why Choose New Hope Ranch for Yoga Therapy

New Hope Ranch is a beautiful 49 acre ranch just outside of Austin. In addition to providing a relaxing, convenient, and secluded location for drug and alcohol treatment, it is an ideal place to practice healthy activities like yoga with an experienced teacher. Our staff is knowledgable about using yoga therapy for substance use disorder and can help you apply yoga best practices into your recovery process.

Yoga therapy is just one part of our holistic and evidence-based approach to drug and alcohol treatment at New Hope Ranch. It is a life skill that you can take with you and use long after your time in treatment is over. For more information about our program, call (512) 566-3050 to discuss our approach to long term recovery.

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