About Us

About New Hope Ranch – Austin, TX Rehab Center


“To give hope and equip our patients with the tools needed to face life free from substance abuse and live a full life of recovery. To provide structure in caring, trusted and professional environment for adults to receive treatment for the disease of addiction. And to set the highest standards of care to enable our patients a strong foundation of a life of recovery.”

New Hope Ranch is a residential treatment center focusing on prevention, assessment, treatment, and reintegration for people suffering from substance abuse. Services are provided on our beautiful 49 acre ranch just 15 minutes from downtown Austin Texas

New Hope Ranch’s mission has two basic purposes: to improve social behavior and enhance personal recovery and growth.  The organization has a culture of innovation that thrives on the creation of new services that meet the community’s needs while maintaining effectiveness, excellence, and professionalism. New Hope Ranch values an integrated system of high-quality care focused on best practices, easy access to services, and providing a full range of services in an efficient manner.

Treatment Approach:

Our Treatment Philosophy consists of providing the highest quality services while ensuring that each patient has a personalized treatment plan. New Hope Ranch met the rigorous standards and regulations the Joint Commission requires for a behavioral health provider to achieve accreditation and we strive every day to represent our gold standard Joint Commission Accreditation proudly.

For many patients it’s safer to medically detox from drug or alcohol abuse by utilizing medications given to help stabilize levels . We offer full medical detoxification on our campus. Our medical team consists of a medical doctor, a board certified psychiatrist, and nurses staffed 24/7.

After a patient has safely detoxed they will integrate into our clinical program which consists of the best in evidenced-based psychotherapy. Some of our treatment modalities include DBT, CBT, Reiki, Smart Recovery, and ACT. We also offer Art, Music, and other Recreational Therapy programs. In addition we believe in the support and connectivity provided by 12-Step treatment which includes attending AA meetings throughout Austin and assisting our patients with finding sponsors. Our Clinical team consists of LPC’s , LMSW’s and LCDC’s. By offering a large variety of treatment options and professional staff we intend to truly meet our patients on a level that promotes growth and healthy change.

Lastly, we offer family therapy and aftercare support for each of our patients. Our therapists offer on campus or phone family sessions with each patient. We believe that integrating family members into the treatment plan allows each patient to receive the utmost support. After receiving the tools necessary for living substance free it will be imperative for the patient to have a strong support system. We also offer on campus sober living and outpatient care. This option can increase the number of days our patients can be in a structured drug free environment. Our belief is that the more time spent in treatment promotes a better chance for long term clean time. For patients who go back to their communities we set up aftercare programming before discharge to breakdown potential barriers. Our staff fully engages in efforts to help our patients break down the barriers to reach the goal of long term sobriety.

Our commitment to be a leader in improving lives is supported by our core values.


  • We believe that everybody  should be in a safe and loving environment.
  • We respect the dignity and worth of each client and staff member.
  • We treat our clientele and each other with compassion and courtesy.


  • We strive for the highest level of teamwork within our organization.
  • We believe our mission is enhanced through strategic partnerships
  • We work with other people, organizations and the community in the spirit of cooperation.
  • We demonstrate a cultural sensitivity in our relationships with our clientele.


  • We are outcome focused and constantly strive to improve in everything we do.
  • We value wise and efficient use of resources in providing superior services.
  • We provide opportunities for staff team successes.


  • We have a work environment that encourages initiative and creativity.
  • We strive to be a leader in program development.
  • We encourage and value education and training.


  • We are guided by the highest ethical standards.
  • We demonstrate honest and candor in all our relationships.
  • We practice fairness, responsibility and forgiveness.
  • We demand accountability at all organizational level


Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update