New Hope Ranch - Levels of Care

Levels of Care

Treatment Options at New Hope Ranch

To help treat drug and alcohol addiction, rehab centers offer different levels of care depending on the need of the individual. At New Hope Ranch, we provide medical detox and residential treatments so people can be fully immersed in the recovery program, as well as receive comfortable and coordinated care from a dedicated staff.
New Hope Ranch - Levels of Care

Detox Treatment

Many people find that they need to go through a detoxification process that helps them get to the next step of substance use disorder recovery. We have medical detox that is based on research and catered to fit your personalized needs. Medications are used to help get you through this stage comfortably and safely. You are never alone in this treatment at New Hope Ranch, as we provide 24/7 care from nurses as well as a physician’s assistant and nurse practitioners, all of whom are supervised by a medical director.

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Austin Residential Treatment

Residential treatment gives you the opportunity to be all-in when it comes to getting clean. When you are at New Hope Ranch, just outside of Austin, Texas, you finally get the structure you didn’t even know you needed before deciding to get treatment. You can completely focus on your needs while leaning on the supportive staff to help guide you through each day. You’ll gain the tools and coping skills that can be applied once you leave the ranch.

A Day in the Life of Residential Treatment

Although each day is a bit different, here’s a sample schedule of what to expect at New Hope Ranch:

7:30 a.m. Wake up, morning prep 2 p.m. Process
9 a.m. Yoga 3 p.m. Anger & communication
10 a.m. Skills for reducing stress 4 p.m. Structured recreation
11 a.m. Negative emotions 5 p.m. Dinner
12 p.m. Lunch 7 p.m. Nightly in-house meeting
1 p.m. Music therapy 10 p.m. Bedtime preparation
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Partial Hospitalization with Boarding

At New Hope Ranch, we want to provide unwavering comfort and support as you recover from substance use addiction. That’s why we offer partial hospitalization (PHP) with boarding, a level of care that’s a step down from residential treatment. With PHP, we provide a transitional haven where you continue therapeutic programming, vocational training and life skills development so that you can reenter post-residential life while fostering independence and self-sufficiency. 

A Day in the Life: PHP Treatment

You can expect a structured routine that combines individual and educational sessions, support groups, family meetings and recreational activities, all surrounded by the peaceful environment of our ranch. Here’s a sample of the daily schedule (it will vary depending on the patient and the day): 

6:30 a.m. Wake-up, morning prep  2 p.m. Boundaries 
8:30 a.m. Community check-in  3 p.m. Individual session 
9 a.m. 12-step from community partner  4 p.m. Vocational/reintegration readiness  
10 a.m. Process group  5:15 p.m. Dinner 
11 a.m. Emotional regulation  6 p.m. Phone and device use  
12 p.m. Lunch  8 p.m. Down time  
1 p.m. Nursing group  10 p.m. Quiet time, bedtime 
New Hope Ranch - Levels of Care

What to Bring for Residential Treatment

Before your first day, we will send you a packing list of what you can and cannot bring to treatment. Here are some things from that list:

  • Personal information (driver’s license or ID, insurance card)
  • Clothing (enough for 7-10 days; laundry detergent provided)
  • Shower supplies/toiletries
  • Extras (books, journals, art supplies, etc.)

Get the full packing list here.

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