Being outside in nature and basking in the warm sun can be a wonderful experience, especially after enduring a long, dark winter. You might be coming out of a state of hibernation and start to regain energy from being cooped up inside. Worry not; the sweet bliss of reconnecting with nature during springtime can revitalize you in ways you never imagined and can become a strong ally in your recovery process. While spring begins to bloom, so should you. Look for ways to enjoy nature, make it a part of your recovery process and reclaim your life. Here are three ways in which the spring can help with your recovery.

Focus on Renewal and Regrowth

Springtime has both a conscious and subconscious effect on your energy, optimism and overall vitality. Spring is about renewal, including regrowth of nature: on the plants, bushes, trees and anywhere and everywhere you look in nature. This renewal can be a great reminder that you, too, can experience renewal as you move through your day. Spring is an excellent time to make good on your goals set earlier in winter. Now you will have more hours of daylight, better outdoor weather and the overall sense of having more time on your side. More sunlight helps you produce more dopamine, the feel-good hormone, and can enact more energy and inspiration.

Utilizing the renewal aspects of nature to rebuild your life can make for the perfect recipe for success. More options present themselves in the spring, including having another place to go during the day that can give you a new perspective. For example, in the winter, you might have found comfort in having your morning coffee inside, at your desk or even in bed. However, over time, this can become uninspiring. Having the option to drink your morning coffee outside on a warm morning can add layers of possibilities and energy to your day.

Get Outside & Connect with Nature

Much like recovery, spring can be healing in physiological as well as spiritual ways. When you recognize your place in nature, you can become more in touch with nature and your needs. Taking on activities such as gardening, biking, hiking or going for a walk helps nurture your mental wellbeing in ways that your electronic devices cannot.

Participating in outdoor activities either alone or in groups also helps you make connections with nature and others. Nature can provide the landscape needed to allow you to expand and contemplate your thoughts. A hike outside during spring can incite inspiration and harmony from within while simultaneously accomplishing a challenging task. Just sitting outside on a porch, patio, deck or park bench can instill you with all the positive energy that spring has to offer. In these times, you might write, meditate, stretch, draw, paint or read; notice the extra energy and focus you have when doing these activities.

Embrace Physical Healing

After years of substance use, your body has likely undergone much stress, anxiety and trauma. The effects that alcohol and other substances have on you physically can leave you feeling a certain amount of pain throughout your body. Recovering from this kind of pain requires mental, emotional and physical healing. Physical healing, in particular, can come from getting adequate sleep, eating right and taking time to focus on your needs through mindfulness or meditation. Physical healing at times also requires that you pamper yourself, such as taking a hot bath, getting a massage or taking a day where you lounge around and watch movies. 

Exercise is another big proponent to helping you to feel better. Spring creates more possibilities for you to get outside, have fun and experiment with new activities.  The idea of exercise does not need to mean lifting weights at the gym – exercise can come in the form of taking on a new hobby or even volunteering. Seeking new opportunities helps you realize potential, and it helps everything else adhere to healthier living, such as prioritizing your time, eating better, sleeping better and looking after yourself.

The Science of Spring

Research has discovered that spending as little as 40 minutes outside during the spring helps reduce blood pressure, promotes healing, helps the body develop cancer-fighting cells, and reduces stress and anxiety. Spending time outdoors during the spring is great for your mind, body and soul. Take the time during this season to craft a blueprint for how you want to spend your time, including goals you want to reach, activities you want to try and habits you want to change. 


New Hope Ranch in Manor, Texas, is a safe and comfortable residential treatment center dedicated to helping you overcome your drug and alcohol addictions to reach full and lasting recovery. We utilize both conventional and alternative therapies to ensure that your specific needs get met. We believe in nature’s healing power and feel that the backdrop of our 49-acre ranch is an ideal place to get back to nature. Remember, you deserve the life you want; start by making the right choice and putting your recovery first. Reach out to New Hope Ranch today by calling us at (737) 600-8565.