Levels of Care - First Responders Program

First Responders Program

It’s Time to Put Yourself First

When an individual is in a first responder occupation—from a paramedic or firefighter to public safety officer or emergency personnel—they commit to a job that is truly selfless. But for some, the stressors of the work can become overwhelming, leaving individuals to turn to unhealthy ways of coping, like alcohol or drug use. At New Hope, we understand that our first responders need specialized care. That’s why we developed the First Responders Program to help these heroes recover from alcohol and substance use. Here’s what patients can expect from our Austin rehab:

  • Our setting – We’ve taken treatment out of the hospital and moved it to a warm, residential setting on 49 expansive acres. Amenities range from a gym, game room and theater, with plenty to do outdoors.
  • Our approach – Each individual gets personalized treatment during their stay. Meetings with our trained staff are done on a one-on-one basis as well as in small group settings.
  • Our services – Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), music therapy and family therapy are just a sampling of the services provided at the ranch.

First-Class Support

At New Hope Ranch, it is our privilege to serve the first responder population and help them learn to focus on their own health. Individuals in the First Responders Program can expect top-notch care and support from the entire team at New Hope Ranch: intake and administration, to housekeeping and our chef and kitchen staff, and our clinical team that includes a physician, primary therapists, nurses and more.

Trauma-Informed & Personalized Care

First responders are the first to arrive at emergencies. They are tasked with creating order in chaotic situations and saving lives. The responsibility is tremendous. We understand that getting trauma-informed, personalized treatment is the right step to lasting recovery. Our program provides a combination of one-on-one therapy and life skills building as well as small group sessions.

If you or someone you love can benefit from the First Responders Program at New Hope Ranch, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can verify insurance and are available to talk confidentially 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We're Here to Help

Call us at (512) 298-4379 or fill out the form below. A caring New Hope Ranch representative will get back to you soon. We work with most commercial insurances and TriWest. Sorry, we are not able to accept Medicaid or Medicare at this time.