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Are Sobriety and Happiness Related?

Are Sobriety and Happiness Related?

Content reviewed by Nicholas G. Glines, Executive Director at New Hope Ranch Alcohol use is a big part of our culture...

accountability in recovery

Learning Accountability in Recovery

Accountability in recovery is a significant attribute for maintaining sobriety; it helps you make wise and responsible decisions. Success with sobriety...

urge surfing, mindfulness

Mindfulness Technique: A Look at Urge Surfing

Have you ever acted out of impulse because of an emotional experience? These are known as urges or cue-elicited cravings. These...

overcoming alcohol addiction

Reasons to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Quitting alcohol can feel impossible when you struggle with an addiction. Alcoholism is a prevalent concern in the United States, affecting...

Alcohol Withdrawal Explained

Realizing that your drinking habits have spiraled out of control and that you need help can be a terrifying thought. A...