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Helping Veterans Beat the Winter Blues

Helping Veterans Beat the Winter Blues

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), more popularly referred to as the “winter blues,” is a serious condition that can seriously impact veterans...

dual diagnosis, mental health and addiction

The Relationship Between Mental Health and Addiction

When you have both a substance use disorder (SUD) and a mental health disorder, this is called a co-occurring disorder or...

first responders and behavioral health

First Responders: Getting Help for Behavioral Health

There is no question that there are significant risks in behavioral health consequences for first responders. Approximately 30% of first responders...


What is Normal Anyway?

The definition of “normal” can be subjective; people constantly adapt and change pieces of themselves and their lives to survive. Finding...

anger as a secondary emotion

Understanding Anger as a Secondary Emotion

Anger is a complex emotion that can have a profound effect on you and the people around you. Anger can cause...

life after treatment

3 Ways to Establish Your Life After Treatment

Immediately following treatment, you will likely experience a sense of accomplishment, relief, pride and excitement. While it might feel like these...

yoga, stress, recovery

Four Ways Yoga Can Help in Times of Duress

Stress can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Worries resulting in stress, anxiety and depression can result from...

therapy, creative healing, recovery journey

Recovery Through Creative Healing

Creativity is a physical representation of your suspended thoughts and memories. For example, if you have not drawn since your early...

sound bath therapy

Sound Bath Therapy

When managing stress and anxiety, it is not uncommon to take a hot bath to relax. However, have you ever tried...