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By: ebarbour

money, understanding the cost of addiction rehab

Understanding the Cost of Addiction Treatment

Updated on 2/1/23 The inability to afford treatment is one of the number one reasons why those struggling with addiction don’t...

yoga, stress, recovery

Four Ways Yoga Can Help in Times of Duress

Stress can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Worries resulting in stress, anxiety and depression can result from...

therapy, creative healing, recovery journey

Recovery Through Creative Healing

Creativity is a physical representation of your suspended thoughts and memories. For example, if you have not drawn since your early...

meditate, activity therapy, recovery

Activity Therapy and the “New Normal”

Living under the current restrictions due to COVID-19 has most likely redefined how you approach even the most basic tasks in...

covid 19, ptsd, recovery

COVID-19 and Caring for Those Struggling with PTSD

PTSD and COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people operate in their daily lives, affecting work, school and social interactions....

sound bath therapy

Sound Bath Therapy

When managing stress and anxiety, it is not uncommon to take a hot bath to relax. However, have you ever tried...