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sober summer

Planning for a Sober Summer

Summertime is a season of revitalization and energy. During summer, the weather is warm, friends, family and students get time off,...

hopelessness in recovery

How to Spot and Overcome Hopelessness in Recovery

During addiction recovery, experiencing feelings of loneliness can happen at any point and interfere with your progress. Persistent loneliness can create...

breaking up with your sponsor

When to “Break Up” with a Sponsor

A big part of recovery is rebuilding and reestablishing the relationship you have with yourself and others. However, it can be...

accountability in recovery

Learning Accountability in Recovery

Accountability in recovery is a significant attribute for maintaining sobriety; it helps you make wise and responsible decisions. Success with sobriety...

making mistakes in recovery

How Making Mistakes Benefits Recovery

Mistakes are inevitable. In recovery and life, mistakes play a significant role in keeping you from pursuing goals or teaching you...

Alcohol Withdrawal Explained

Realizing that your drinking habits have spiraled out of control and that you need help can be a terrifying thought. A...