Content reviewed by Anthony T. Triola, Executive Director at New Hope Ranch

Discontinuing using drugs and other substances does not mean you have been “cured” of your addiction. Managing sobriety is complex and requires a daily effort to sustain over a lifetime. For effective recovery, you need to find out why you started using and address the root of the cause. When you discover what drives your addiction, you can work on creating healthier habits that help combat any triggers and impulses.

Since challenges in life are inevitable, learning new coping skills is essential. Without learning new coping skills, you might succumb to using substances when facing the stress and pressures of everyday life. Here are some effective coping skills that you can use to aid your addiction recovery.

Embracing honesty can help you unlearn those unhealthy thought patterns and habits.

Establishing healthy techniques to rebuild relationships is a big part of the recovery process. However, after leaving the security of treatment, you might feel closed off or detached from friends and family. Since you are no longer among your peers on a daily basis, you might feel as though the outside world is judging you and criticizing you for your decisions. This is probably not true, and learning to become honest with yourself can allow you the confidence and assurance to navigate negative feelings.

Addiction creates habits that thrive off lying, deception, manipulation and paranoia. Therefore, such negative traits can convince you that you do not deserve sobriety and even cause you to harm yourself or others. However, embracing honesty can help you unlearn those unhealthy thought patterns and habits. Start with being honest about yourself and your actions.

At New Hope Ranch, staff will strive to help you recognize your habits and behaviors, thus creating a great foundational starting point for you to continue building. Honesty is a big part of New Hope Ranch’s approach. Accepting your past and telling the truth is essential to healing and moving forward in your relationships. No matter how hard, it is always better to lead with the truth.

Support systems are essential in recovery because they allow you safe and comfortable spaces to express your feelings.

Support systems also lend reassurance in knowing that you always have help. As you develop the habit of being honest and expressing your needs with others, you will form trust. Trust is crucial to establishing a healthy network and strengthening your network to become a significant part of a successful recovery journey. Looking to peer-supported groups can be effective in helping you continue to keep in touch and grow your network.

At New Hope Ranch, part of the approach is to provide access to the best 12-step program in Texas. New Hope Ranch believes that utilizing peer-supported communities benefits your progress in inspiring and transformative ways. Having a network of sober, like-minded friends helps you stay on track and hold yourself accountable. Being among others that share your experiences reminds you that you are not alone with your challenges. You can also seek support from a mentor for motivation and inspiration. Likewise, you could also become a mentor for another. The cyclical process not only helps grow your support network but also the entire recovery community.

Minding your physical needs can also benefit your mental health.

Exercise helps reduce tension, stress and anxiety. It can also boost your endorphin levels which promote a better overall and optimistic mood. You do not have to exercise by traditional standards, such as joining a gym. Walking, running and hiking are all great alternatives to exercising in a gym.

Exercising outdoors in nature for just 30 minutes can help lower your blood pressure, elevate mood and create inspirational and creative thought. Further, seeking exercise outdoors can offer your mental needs additional meditation and relaxation than any gym. New Hope Ranch utilizes a spectacular 49-acre ranch by providing outdoor activities including holistic outdoor activities.

Keeping a journal to track your thoughts and progress can help you manage negative thoughts and feelings more effectively.

Sometimes finding the motivation to get through another day sober can be as simple as reminding yourself of how far you have come. Keeping a journal is great for helping you take inventory and see where you could improve. It can also lend clues to underlying feelings and get to the root of why you are feeling a certain way. For example, if you continually write about feeling lonely, you and your therapist can incorporate more peer support into your recovery regimen.

Journaling can also help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Self-reflect
  • Inspire creativity
  • Boost emotional intelligence

Recovery is about putting in the effort to maintain sobriety over the course of a lifetime. New Hope Ranch offers the resources necessary to establish the crucial foundational elements needed to get on the road to recovery. When you seek help with New Hope Ranch, you will find that you will engage in fulfilling experiences with others who are just as motivated and inspired to continue their life of sobriety. We aim to instill a sense of empowerment and confidence so that you feel prepared to cope with any challenge in addiction recovery. Learn more and call us today at (512) 566-3050