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Veterans Using Creative Outlets to Manage PTSD Symptoms

Veterans Using Creative Outlets to Manage PTSD Symptoms

Content reviewed by Nicholas G. Glines, Executive Director at New Hope Ranch The US Department of Veterans Affairs estimates between 11-20% of...

alcoholism and veterans

Alcoholism: Its Influence and Relationship with Veterans

Alcoholism in veterans is a common and severe problem. Veterans show higher rates of alcoholism on a regular basis compared to...

covid 19, ptsd, recovery

COVID-19 and Caring for Those Struggling with PTSD

PTSD and COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people operate in their daily lives, affecting work, school and social interactions....

veterans and ptsd, mental health, recovery

Supporting Veterans in Recovery

Veterans oftentimes face unique challenges when leaving active duty. Readjusting to civilian life is often met with anxiety, stress, depression, anger...